Friday Round-Up


Happy Friday friends and countrymen (or for the inclusive reader: countrypeople/countryhumans) here’s a weekly links round up of some random goodies around the interwebs that you might have missed. Enjoy!

Everyone’s favorite book of the Bible, Revelation, and how it’s the most peaceful book there is  - HERE

Ted Jennings, Professor at Chicago Theological Seminary, poses the challenge and promise of Advent - HERE

Obama is the worst Socialist ever - HERE

Sex with Chickens – The strangest thing I’ve read from AAR/SBL - HERE

A Sermon by Nadia Bolz Weber – “Your belongingness to the truth is determined by the voice of the Christ who calls you by name in the mystery of the Eucharist and in the clumsiness of community and in every stranger who bears Christ’s face.”  HERE

We’re brewing 2 beers for the release of The Hobbit, “My Precious” and “The Hoppit” both of which would go great with this gem – HERE

As Advent begins this Sunday, I’ll begin blogging through some theology and youth ministry ideas…stay tuned for awesomeness: HERE

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